Raw Unfiltered Honey vs Organic

Raw honey is honey that has not been pasteurized (exposed to high heat) after its removed from the hive. Honey is naturally anti-bacterial, so it doesn’t need to be heated for food safety reasons.

1. Raw Honey

Unfiltered honey is honey that comes straight from the hive without passing through a filter. Honey that is both raw and unfiltered is most natural.

2. Unfiltered Honey

Producing organic honey is challenging. Most of the organic honey you buy in the United States has been imported from other countries.

3. Organic Honey

4. Pure Honey

Pure honey is honey without additional ingredients. Cheap syrups like corn syrup are sometimes mixed with honey to increase profits. Unfortunately most honey is not tested for purity. "Pure honey" is not a term you can confidently trust.

The Best Honey

The best honey is raw, unfiltered honey. This is natural honey that still contains: - its unique flavor - antioxidants - pollen - enzymes

Where to Buy Real Honey

The best place to buy real honey is from a local beekeeper. - Farmers Market - Online search for local beekeepers

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