5 Best Places to Buy Grass-Fed Beef (Online and Local)

My top choice for the best place to buy grass-fed beef is at the farmers market. Most markets I've been to have a local farm selling it.

1. Farmers Market

The next best place to buy grass-fed beef is directly from small family farms. Click the link below for how to find nearby farms.

2. Direct from Local Farms

Unlike large grocery stores who buy from centralized suppliers, your local butcher is much more likely to have a relationship with local farms.

3. Local Butcher

4. Online

These days there is no shortage of online meat delivery services. Follow the link below to see my favorite online spots.

5. Grocery Store

The grocery store also makes this list of best places to buy grass-fed beef simply because it’s accessible to everyone, and convenient.

Follow this link for lots more tips on buying grass-fed beef!

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