Beef Stew with Red Wine (Slow Cooker)

– 1 lb chuck roast – Root vegetables (ex. carrot, rutabaga, parsnip, garlic, onion) – Dry red wine – Beef broth – Corn starch or flour – Bay leaf, thyme, salt, pepper


Put 1-inch cubes of chuck roast in a medium bowl. Toss them with the corn starch, salt and pepper until each piece is fully covered.

Pour 2 tsp olive oil into a hot skillet. Add the beef and fry about a minute on each side until brown. Remove from the pan.

Reduce the heat to low and pour red wine into the same skillet. Simmer 5 minutes. Then add all the ingredients to your slow cooker and stir well to incorporate.

Cook on high for 4 to 4.5 hours. The rutabaga will take the longest to cook, when it’s knife-tender the stew is ready.

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